Housing Information

Hotel Rooms can be booked for April 3 - 7, 2024 utilizing the group rate.
Hotel Rooms will be booked on a first come first serve basis at all available properties with the Texas TSA Block.

All hotel rooms will be booked through the Texas TSA hotel block.  Any school booking outside of conference block will incur a penalty of $200/attendee registered for that chapter.  Additionally, all schools participating in on-site events, will be required to stay on-site in the hotel block for a MINIMUM OF 2 NIGHTS.  The only exception to this policy, are schools who are within a 20 mile radius of the Fort Worth Convention Center.

The last day to release rooms from your block without penalty is March 4th.  Beginning March 5th all cancelations will incur a $200 cancellation fee per room canceled.

Housing Lists need be uploaded or emailed to the Housing Bureau by March 22, 2024.

The Housing Bureau will begin filling room block requests in February.  You will receive a confirmation email once your room block has been secured after February 1, 2024.  Room Blocks  will be made based on the order in which your request form is received.  If you want to check the status of your block request, please email tdavison@keybookings.org after February 14, 2024.  If you are booking 2 nights only, we reserve the right to place you in the property that will have the least impact on attrition.  You are NOT guaranteed to get the property requested.

Hotel policies require a credit card to secure rooms at the time of booking.  Hotel rooms will be held on a courtesy hold for 5 days.  If a credit card is not on file within 5 days, the rooms will be released.  If paying by check, PAYMENT IN FULL must be received at Key Bookings by Friday, March 15, 2024.  CHECKS WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED ON-SITE!

TTSA Housing Provider is Key BookingsEmail – tdavison@keybookings.org



  • Aloft - $184 /night
  • Courtyard Marriott - $194/night
  • Embassy Suites - $213/night
  • Fairfield Inn - $200/night
  • Hampton - $209/night
  • Hilton - $205/night
  • Holiday Inn - $155/night
  • Omni - $205/night
  • Renaissance - $209/night
  • Sheraton - $189/night