Become an Officer

State Officer/Leadership Team Candidate


Texas TSA elects 6 State Officers annually at the State Conference in April. To apply to run for a State Officer position, the student member must meet the following eligibility criteria listed in the Student By-laws:

To be eligible to serve as officers, students must meet all of the following conditions:

  • Remain in good standing with the local, state, and national organizations and maintain above-average grades in all schoolwork.
  • Secure the written permission of the local administration to complete the duties and responsibilities associated with the office.
  • Have served as a local or regional TSA officer. A state officer candidate must have held one of the following six offices prior to running for state office: President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, Reporter, and Sergeant-at-Arms.
  • Have properly completed and submitted the officer nomination form to the state office prior to the published deadline.
  • Be one of not more than two nominations for state office submitted by the TSA Chapter.

State Officer Application:

To apply to run for a Texas TSA state officer position you will need to fill out this application. All applicants must be in current grade 7 – 11.
Application is due by March 1.

The following items are needed to have a complete application:

1. Completed Application
2. Completed Advisor’s Recommendation
3. Completed Administrator’s Recommendation
4. Completed Community Member’s Recommendation
5. Candidate Photo

If you have any questions about the officer application process please contact Jennifer O’Brian at: