About Us

A Student Association Made to Empower and Educate Students

The Technology Student Association (TSA) is a national association of students engaged in STEM and the arts. Our membership is over 250,000 students strong, spanning 48 U.S. states, and includes high school and middle school students.

Our organization is actively supported by educators, parents, business leaders, and alumni!


Our Association’s Growth

Since the organization’s charter, over two million student members have been granted opportunities to participate in challenging competitions, leadership training, community service, and so much more!

The diversity of our activities and our membership makes TSA a positive, rewarding experience for each and every member. All of our alumni credit TSA with a positive influence on their lives!

Our Motto

Learning To Lead In A Technical World

Mission Statement

The Technology Student Association fosters personal growth, leadership, and opportunities in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM); members apply and integrate these concepts through co-curricular activities, competitions, and related programs.

Texas TSA Creed

Technology Education holds an important place in my life in the technological world. There is a need to develop good attitudes concerning work, tools, materials, experimentation, and industrial processes.

Guided by my teachers, artisans from industry, and my initiative, I will strive to do my best to make my school, community, state, and nation better places to live. I will accept the responsibilities that are mine.

I will accept the theories that are supported by proper evidence. I will explore my own for safer, more effective methods of working and living. I will strive to develop a cooperative attitude and exercise tact and respect for others.

Through the work of my hands and mind, I will express my ideas to the best of my ability. I will make it my goal to do better each day, the task before me, and to be steadfast in my belief in my God and my fellow America.